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Mental health and Self-care during the Holiday season

By :Femme Yogipreneur Store 0 comments
Mental health and Self-care during the Holiday season

In the holiday season, it is common to get caught up in all the shopping and get-togethers with family and friends. When you think of a holiday break, it's usually a time to relax and unwind, but for many people, it's the opposite.

The days leading up to the holidays are hectic. You're trying to get everything done before you go on vacation and there's a lot of pressure for everything to be perfect during your time off. And if you're not careful, your stress can turn into full-blown anxiety once you're on vacation, because now the time pressures are gone and there's no one checking on you.

That's why it is important to take time for yourself and do something that makes you feel good.

 One way to avoid these negative feelings is by staying in touch with some people. It might seem like too much work, but it can help keep things in perspective when life feels like it's falling apart around you.

People often forget to take care of themselves during the holidays. It is important to have a healthy routine to avoid catching a cold or other illness.

Although it may seem like an indulgence to take care of ourselves, it is actually both a gift to ourselves and a gift to others. This is because the healthier we are, the more able we are to be there for others.

In order to get the most out of our self-care routine during this season, here are some tips:

Take a mindful bath . Here is a mindful holiday self-care box https://femmeyogipreneuroutlet.com/products/self-care-ritual-gift-box?variant=41271281844376 .

-Smile at your reflection in the mirror before going out

-Call your best friend for a chat

-Write down what you are thankful for this year or start planning next year. Here is a new year diary for your goals : https://femmeyogipreneuroutlet.com/products/self-care-ritual-gift-box?variant=41271281844376

-Make sure you get enough rest - sleep in as late as possible on Saturday morning and don’t do anything for more than 2 hours at a time after that point.

Holidays are supposed to be fun times, do not let holiday stress gets to you. Enjoy these tips that will help you take care of your mental health and practice healthy habits.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy holidays from the Femme Yogipreneur team.

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