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a brand, a lifestyle

Originally from Benin in West-Africa, Justizia moved to Virginia, USA for college. She was physically away from home but was always connected to her culture. She would always rock African print to all international school events. She discovered Yoga during a summer break and became a big practitioner because of all the positive aspects.  Throughout her Yoga journey, she was slowly becoming conscious of every little thing, her life choices became really mindful and she embarked on her spiritual journey. Being a curvy woman, she always had issues with her active clothing, so she started designing her first Yoga pants. Her vision is to create a brand to serve the conscious tribe with a sustainable clothing line and  a wide range of metaphysical products. Femme Yogipreneur embraces diversity, body positivity, spirituality and wellness while being mindful about the nature. The brand serves the conscious tribe through their mindful lifestyle. We are your one stop shop for your ethically made athletic apparel and all spiritual products.