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By :Justizia KASSEGNE 0 comments

Anxiety is a mental health situation that can interfere with your daily routine. Anxiety can show up as a response to stressful events, financial or personal troubles. Many people experience this feeling at some point of their life but it can under control. Some people can overcome their anxiety with practicing Pranayama or some breathing exercises. Some can use healing crystals and gemstones to get their anxiety under control. Here are three best crystals for anxiety:

Amethyst: this purple hue gemstone is one of the most popular healing crystals. Amethyst is amazing when it comes to calming, and relieving stress. You can find several Amethyst jewelry such as necklaces, earrings , bracelets and more here https://femmeyogipreneuroutlet.com/search?type=product&q=amethyst

Black Lava stone : this volcanic stone is known for its great grounding properties. It will help getting your anxiety under control. Moreover, you can add essential oils on the stones. Get your Lava bracelet here : https://femmeyogipreneuroutlet.com/search?type=product&q=lava

Aquamarine: From its pretty light blue, this healing gemstones supports healing. It will help with controlling your anxiety and opening your heart. Check out our Aquamarine necklace here : https://femmeyogipreneuroutlet.com/products/raw-crystal-gold-necklace?variant=39874311225496

Here is a quick  breathing exercise that you can do to ease anxiety panic.

Which one of these three crystals is calling today? Remember to join the conscious tribe to stay updates on your wellness and spiritual journey and enjoy FAST SHIPPING on all items !


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